Em ♥ Powered Stroller ♥ – London



Choose the amount of sessions that are the right fit for you and your babe(s).
All classes are drop in.
All Packages are Subject to HST, and all packages expire November 2nd 2018.

4 pack $59 – ideally once a week

Fall Sessions
September 4th to October 4th, unlimited $65
October 1st to November 1st, unlimited $65
September 4th to November 1st, unlimited $115

All classes can be used at Gibbons and Springbank Park 4 times a week.



In this toolkit you will find full access to my nutrition program which delivers results for releasing excess weight, up levelling personal and mental health, and increasing energy while remaining hydrated and strong!
Upon registration you will receive a 100 page ebook complete with information on:

  •  Prepping your cupboards
  •  Grocery lists
  • Sample Meal Plan
  • Nutrition Educational Component
  • Delicious and Nutritious Recipes broken down into Breakfast,
    Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and Beverages
  • Health Journal
  •  Healthful Tips and Pointers


  • Lifetime access to our closed Community Facebook Page
  • Lifetime access to online workouts for your days off
  • Access to my ongoing, online, live- 4 week programs
    throughout the Stroller Season.
  • One on one support from me.
  • We do NOT run classes in rain, sleet, or unfavourable
    conditions…. it’s not fun for you or your baby. Trust me!
  • We Do run on hot days in the summer…..we just take it down a
    notch and stay super hydrated.
  • We do NOT run on Holidays…… we cherish our long weekends!


  1. Upon sign up you will be welcomed into our Em 🖤 Powered 🖤 Stroller Facebook Community!
  2. Here you will find demonstration videos covering the basic exercises we will be performing throughout the program and a reminder checklist for day 1.
  3. You will need a set of hand weights- 3 to 5 lbs is a good starting point.
  4. Athletic training shoes which offer good support- I tend to like cross training shoes for this type of workout.
  5. A large water bottle
  6. Clothing you can layer for yourself and for your babe.
  7. Blankets on cool days- plastic stroller covers are great insulators and wind breaks.
  8. A healthy snack for yourself afterwards
  9. A reliable stroller- younger babies are better supported strapped into a car seat secured into the stroller.
  10. Gloves for Spring Weather and Fall Weather
  11. A yoga mat if you choose. We generally stay off of the ground when performing exercises that require lying flat out.
  12. Your babe to be at least 6 weeks old, and the green light from your doctor.


I designed this program for myself, my son and every woman who wants to feel connected and empowered after childbirth!
It is a progressive postnatal training program which is powered by love and allows you to begin slow and work your way up as your body heals and you become more fit and strong.
This Program is for every body. Modifications to the exercises are given for your fitness and postpartum level.
Throughout this program you will develop muscular and mental strength, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, speed and agility.
Each Stroller Sesh is designed to keep the babies moving in their strollers as much as possible.
We perform exercises with a single hand weight while pushing the stroller to develop upper body strength, and perform body weight exercises.
We will run in short distances – conquer hills (forwards and backwards) and have a fabulous time while doing it!
We will make brief stops along the route to complete short circuits.- and to be certain we don’t leave any mamas behind.

You will be examined for Diastisis Recti (abdominal separation).

Before performing any abdominal exercises.

If you have any questions, let’s connect! Text me @ 519-319-2268

I will be happy to arrange a 30 minute free phone consultation.