Hello, my name is Bernice

I am a leader in empowering women (at least that’s what they tell me) – an educator on leading a supernatural lifestyle – a pioneer in Mom and Baby Fitness (happened completely
by accident 😉 ) and a humble student in this thing called “life”.

For well over a decade I have led men and women- focusing primarily on women- through
the steps it takes to live a happy, healthy, holistic life.

Feeling empowered to me translates into acquiring knowledge, placing that knowledge into
practice, and practicing that knowledge with everyday action steps.

Empowerment also represents kindness, compassion, fairness, generosity and inclusion to all.

I’m all about bringing communities of like minded people together. Together we thrive, and
when we embrace the feeling of empowerment we become unstoppable change makers to
all of those around us. We live more freely. We love more freely. We laugh more freely.
Our light shines through and others bask in its radiance and warmth.

My offerings are a combination of my formal education (B.Sc Kinesiology, CPTN Personal
Training, Pre and Postnatal Specialist, Pilates) which allows me to provide unique fitness
programs to incorporate everyday movement into your life – my life experiences (proud Mom who is incredibly honoured to be raising two beautiful children), and my passion to live the healthiest, most supernatural life ever. (PN Exercise and Sport certified Nutrition)
I am a huge advocate for personal growth and self development and “living in a box” does
not sit well me or my “fam jam”.

I often think I’m way cooler than I actually am and both my children and my husband call me
out on it daily. It provides laughter and a lot of good natured “poking fun” for all.

I love the word Namaste and hope to actually start practicing more Yoga on a daily basis so I
can use it in its proper context.

But for now,
Bernice xo

About my life

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London, Ontario